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Why Anxiety Wakes You Up at Night, and How to Reclaim Your Rest
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Emotional Awareness Key to Weight Control
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Hypnosis and Reiki Services in Victoria

Need help to control anxiety, stop smoking, lose weight, improve your golf game, get rid of a bad habit or overcome fears or feel the healing power of the universe flow through you? 

You have come to the right place.

MindOverAll Hypnotherapy Centre offers comprehensive, completely confidential hypnotherapy, NLP. PSYCH-K™, EFT and Reiki services

We are also the ONLY authorized place on Vancouver Island for the VIRTUAL GASTRIC BAND - the best way ever to lose weight without diets, pills or surgery.

By unlocking the power of your mind and heart, we help you to help yourself !

Julia Anderson is a Registered Clincial Counseling Hypnotherapist.


I was skeptical but I am very glad I paid for 5 sessions.. my cravings for French fries and mashed potatoes are TOTALLY GONE


I visited Julia for one session and was able to make that speech without a hitch. Thank You !


After only 1 sesson, Frank has lost the craving to overeat or to snack at odd times and he believes it is the control Julia helped to plant in his subconcious.


One Hour Free Parking

We are located near the Broughton Street City Parking (under the main library). As of Sept 17th of this year, the first hour parking is city lots became FREE to all, without need for a coupon. Click here for more information about our location, and click here for pictures of the location. There is also on street metered parking all around the area. The metered parking is slightly cheaper on Quadra than on Broughton itself.

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