Virtual Gastric Band


Do you want to lose weight Permanently?

Have you been really struggling with weight fora awhile?  Perhaps even considered surgery? If so, this is the service for you…  Knowing that everything you think, feel or do comes from your mind … imagine THIS (<–) is your new stomach – that’s right just the portion above the band is all you need to feel full !!  And it’s adjustable, so we can tighten it or loosen it , as necessary, along the way. What is so exciting about this approach is  NO DIET.. that’s right, you can eat WHATEVER you want… you just WANT less of it.  (And frankly, people find that they just naturally eat more healthily because they are listening to their bodies – it is so natural, it is not a restriction.)  There are no lists of good and bad foods, there are no tables of calories… because  this is what you WANT.. you want to just be NATURAL.. naturally thinking and acting like a slim person. There is also no extreme exercise, although MOVING is an important thing to do.  Otherwise your body may not realize you need those muscles and it will start to absorb them instead of the fat.  We will address this as part of the program.  Being more in touch with your body’s needs – for food and movement – is a fundamental part of this program. And, of course, there is no need for actual surgery with all it’s possible side effects and recovery period and expense. Because eating less, by listening to your body, just becomes NATURAL.. that is why this is PERMANENT.

 How does this work?

Here’s how we work together to make this happen:

  • On your first appointment, we will spend 20 to 40 minutes talking, so that I understand all I need to about your weight journey and challenges.  We will also go over the Virtual Gastric Band Agreement (or Commitment Form) and  I will answer any questions you have.  If you do not want to proceed, well, there is no obligation.
  • If you do want to proceed, you will sign the Commitment Form and we will go into your first hypnosis session-  Your gastric band will be INSTALLED !!
  • We will set your next 3 sessions – ideally 1 week apart.
  • You will go home with a CD or I will send a link with an mp3. Each day, twice a day you will listen to the 15 minute DAILY session and review your Commitment Form. Ideally you will do this when you get up AND before dinner time.
  • You will return for your next 3 sessions, and with each one the behaviours you want will get easier and easier.
  • As needed you will  receive a “homework” assignment session, customized to your needs/ your program.
  • At the 4th session we CELEBRATE – most people have lost 5 to 15 pounds at this point !!!
  • At this session, we will also  decide together if want to attack any underlying negative beliefs and how to use your remaining session(s) ( either 1 remaining or 4 or 11 depending on your package.)  Typically we spread them out monthly to provide the most support  – that way we cover, in total 3 months, 6 moths or 1 full year, again depending on the package you have selected.
  • Also at the 4th session, you will receive at least the first of your selected additional take home audio tracks for support.

Is this a tested system?

Most assuredly.  I have been doing weight loss hypnosis for more than 7 years.  In 2011 I was personally trained by Sheila Granger in her extremely successful system for Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.  This technique really INCREASES the POWER of hypnosis for weight loss.   I have extended and fine tuned her system to be even more effective and I am one of only a few persons on Vancouver Island to offer this service. Please go to this page to view a video testimonials from someone who has gone through my program.

And here is a VERY informative video – it is a news report  from England (where Sheila lives and works)  about the Virtual Gastric Band.

What is the cost?

Click on the Image for a PDF of this Pricing Table

  • The two month ( 5 sessions) option is $750
  • The six month ( 9 sessions) option is $900
  • The 12 month (15 sessions) option is $1250

All programs include multiple audio tracks – the 15 minute DAILY track and 2, 3 or 5 additional audios that you choose to help keep you motivated and/or knock down your barriers to success. Follow up single sessions for any program graduate are discounted.

Click Here to Get a Printable page of the Virtual Gastric Band Package Pricing (These prices are for local services (in my office in Victoria) only.  Contact me to discuss long distance service which I can do with a mix of phone calls and mp3 downloads.

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