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  • What is Reiki?
  • Where Did Reiki Come From?
  • Why should I try Reiki?
  • What Can I Expect at a Reiki Session?
  • What is the Cost?
What is Reiki?
Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy. It is derived from REI, describing the boundless aspects, sometimes translated ”transcendental spirit” and KI meaning “vital life force energy” (KI in Japanese is the same as CHI in Chinese).
An “attuned” Reiki practitioner can “channel” this universal energy for the purposes of healing.
Mystics of all cultures and times have spoken of how the physical universe is composed of an underlying “something”, much as physicists are telling us today when they speak of 95% of the universe as being beyond our ability to sense.
Body organs, the immune system and even emotions are beneficially affected by Reiki healing.
Where did Reiki come from?
Reiki is believed to have roots stretching back several thousand years to Tibet and various healing systems have crossed many different cultures from this root. Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese educator in Kyoto, “rediscovered” the system in the late 1800”s and it was introduced into the Western world in the 1970’s.
Reiki is channels the energy of the universe into the energy channels of your body releasing any energetic disharmony or imbalance (dis-ease).
Why should I try Reiki?

Light Touch of Hands in one of the Reiki Positions

Reiki is useful in treating chronic illnesses as well as acute conditions such as sports injuries. It is also excellent for relief of stress related complaints. Reiki is used extensively in hospitals in conjunction with cancer treatments and also for hospice patients.
Those who use Reiki regularly often report that they have more zest for life and feel more joyful.
It is a very relaxing and refreshing experience.
Often clients report that they can feel the energy flow through them, although this is not required to receive the benefits.
What Can I Expect at a Reiki Session ?
At your first session, the therapist will discuss the entire process with you before we start. This is to ensure you are totally comfortable and so the session can be customized to your needs and desires.
It is a very gentle experience, recommended even for pregnant women. Clients generally report feeling relaxed and even blissful both during and after treatment. The hands of the therapist often feel warm where they touch, but sometimes they feel cool, according to your needs
What does Reiki cost?
Payment is accepted via credit card, cheque or cash.
Our pricing is simple:

At my office:

  • $60 for a single session
  • $150 for a 3 session package
  • $300 for a 7 session package

At your site (within 25 minutes of my office, if you live further away, let’s discuss)

  • $75 for a single session
  • $200 for a 3 session package
  • $425 for a 7 session package
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We can also combine Reiki with Hypnotherapy for just $30.
And we have a very special Stop Smoking Package that incorporates Reiki.
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