Is it time for a change?

We use PROVEN techniques for

    • Smoking Cessation
      We have THREE special programs for Smoking Cessation
    • Weight Loss/Improved Body Image
      We SPECIALIZE in the Virtual Gastric Band.
      We also have a Custom weight loss program.

    • Reducing and Controlling Anxiety
    • Removing Blocks to Success
    • Sports Performance
        Specializing in

      • Golf Performance and
      • Martial Arts
    • Overcoming Fears
      such as Fear of Flying, Fear of Public Speaking or Fear of the Dentist
    • Student Issues – Improve Study Skills and Remove Test Anxiety
    • Overcoming Bad Habits
    • Addressing Self Esteem, Relationship and Other Personal Issues
    • Childhood Issues
      • including bed wetting (6 and up) and confidence (10 and up)
    • Pregnancy Related Areas
      • Fertility (Reduce fertility related stress and improve your chances of conception)
      • Morning Sickness
      • Joyous Labour and Childbirth ( 5 Session Package )
    • Management of “Medical” Issues

We also teach Self-Hypnosis to support your self improvement goals.

Change your mind.. Change your life.

Looking to the past?

Age regression is a regular part of my sessions.
I have a special package for Past life Regression. Link  HERE or in the menu on the below (mobile) on the right (large screen)