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"Your hypnosis made really all the difference to me. After seeing a counselor for several sessions I was feeling stuck with what I could do on a conscious level. I could see the problems I had and their origins but did not see how to overcome them. Hypnosis was the proper way to achieve relaxation on a deeper level. It helped me both to deal with and to overcome my anxiety. Julia's kind and professional approach was truly outstanding. She took all the time she thought I'd need and never was in a rush to end our sessions, even if it meant going over our allotted time. I really like that she also offers the service of creating personalized audios. There were a couple of sessions I really liked and having the possibility to hearing them again and again is awesome, particularly if you have to move or are traveling a lot. I definitely recommend hypnosis as an approach to overcome anxiety and Julia is the right person to deal with it."


My motivation to lose weight was blocked I started to work with Julia. The decision was for Julia to "tailor-make" hypnosis sessions for my needs based on our discussions.
This approach has proven extremely successful and to date I have lost 26 pounds! (My doctor is very pleased with this progress.)
Julia has made me a personalized CD to listen to , twice daily, and this has supported my efforts tremendously. Thank you, Julia.
I feel more self directed and energetic now - the pounds dropping naturally and in a healthy manner. I plan to continue working with Julia and checking in and "tuning in" to determine my next steps in this weight loss journey.
I highly recommend Julia to help others - her dedication, knowledge and expertise are outstanding.

Pamela Q

Yes, after only 1 session, Julia, I am saying it has changed my outlook toward eating. Throughout the last ten or so days I could only pick away at my food, and, I believe it was the message you helped plant
in my subconcious regarding mind control, that helped me through my eating problem. I found that I now I have lost
the craving to overeat or snack at odd times throughout the day.. and it is very evident when I stand on the scales.


L.D.I just wanted to thank you SOO MUCH!!!! This is LD and you helped me with two hypnotherapy sessions tailored to help me overcome my fear of flying enough for a trip to Toronto.
I am pleased to report that between Jan 28 and Jan 30th I spent a total of 9 hours in the air return to Toronto without freaking out. I won't say it was fun, but I did what I needed to. As a result my talk and poster session at the conference was a great success which I can add to my resume with pride. It was a wonderful experience to be able to go there.
I feel so good that with your help I was able to complete this journey!


When I first went to see Julia, I was definitely skeptical. I am very strong willed and haven't ever let myself get hypnotized in the past. At first I thought it was going to be like what you see on TV, where the patient has (apparently) given up complete control. I was pleasantly surprised. it wasn't like that all all, Julia explained complex ideas so that they were easy to understand, and made sure I was completely comfortable before we started. The experience was amazing and actually worked ! the motivation I was hoping to get back returned as soon as I stepped out of the office. Overall, what I experienced was like no other. and with her I felt so comfortable. I will definitely recommend her services to everybody I know.


"I just wanted whoever to know.....THIS IS REALLY WORTH IT!! I was a smoker for 35 years & now? I'M NOT! 4 months ciggy butt free! I really believed I would be a smoker for the rest of my life but I was wrong. Would you believe I don't even remember being a smoker? For those of you who are considering this method, remember this.....A cigarette is like an old friend, right? Well, what kind of friend not only steals your money but tries to kill you as well? Some friend, I say. Good luck to all!" (using Program 1)


"I wish to express my heart felt gratitude to both Julia and Muriel for all the professional help given...I've been shown how to get to the bottom of my addictions and how to resolve these issues through more self-awareness using hypnosis and acupuncture as tools for healthier living. My world has shifted and improved immensely with the people I love and opened up new avenues in my spiritual journey. Thank you so much." (using Program 3 for alcohol addiction)


"No withdrawal symptoms ! Your program made quitting easy for me." (using Program 1)


“The LUV Program is not just a weight loss program, it is a self-growth program and a self discovery program.”


"The average diet lasts less than 72 hours. Diets don't work without personal commitment, with J... and Julia guiding you through their LUV Program, they assist and strengthen your desire, determination and willpower to affect a spectacular change now. This is a journey of personal growth and release from inhibitions. It is more than a weight loss program, it is a Transformation Program, engaging many techniques from various healing modalities. "


"Public speaking is one of those things that I always get nervous about. Speaking in front of a group gets me into a feeling of anxiety. I had to give a presentation at the business networking group that I belong.
Two days before the presentation, I went to Julia in her office in Oak Bay. In her office, I experienced a feeling of tranquility. She offered me tea and I was relaxed in a comfortable chair. During the session, I remembered just focusing on the conversations and my breathing, get more relaxed.
On the day of the meeting, I was well prepared with my speech, and felt confident that I will be just fine. Sure enough……Julia unlocked the power of my mind. I was not nervous, I felt in control and confident with myself. Comments from the members: I gave one of the best presentations in the chapter."


"I found the (weight management) program very helpful in my understanding of my sub-conscious limiting beliefs, how to get to the heart of my food addictions, and self-awareness"


"Julia exercises great judgment in using the appropriate healing modality for each issue or situation. She is patient, experienced and flexible with her approach. One of her greatest talents is managing to listen to the unspoken need and she is a master in communication."


"I am doing great! I have been a non smoker since I left your office. I have had thoughts of smoking but haven't acted on those thoughts. Thank you for giving me the tools to be a non smoker!" (written 3 weeks after her quit date)

and , more recently:
"I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year & let you know I am still smoke free 20 months later!! I sent my cousin to you & she is still smoke free also! We both are doing fantastic & just wanted to say thank you for a new lease on life."


" I admit I was skeptical about how effective hypnosis could be.... (but) I am very glad I had paid for 5 sessions...My cravings for things like French fries & mounds of mashed potatoes has totally gone. And since that day in January I have driven by the fast food places that used to call my name...Now I am free from those deep seated habits that were a major barrier to my desire for a healthier life style...Thanks so much for the work you do"


"I would just like to say that Julia did some wonderful work for me, I visited her for one session before I had to make a big speech the next day. I was so nervous but the speech went off without a hitch and everyone told me how great and funny it was. What a relief, I can't thank you enough!!"


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