Stress Can Kill – Is it Real?

Posted by on September 27, 2016

StressI have been thinking a lot about stress lately. I was asked to teach a class on stress. I found preparing for the class to be stressful.

  • Was it because it was an abnormal state for me? or
  • was it because thinking about stress made me notice my own state? or
  • was it because focusing on stress and its actions made me think I was experiencing them?

Hmmmm? In other words, how real was my experience? Not really a trivial question since we know stress can harm us and even kill us. While a single shot of “stress” can provide the energy (adrenaline) needed to get something accomplished or just “get out of there” , repeated and continual stress builds up, affecting thoughts and feelings as well as our body. I created a little chart of the effects of stress after reviewing innumerable articles. This was just for my own understanding and I share it with you to perhaps help yours. My levels are not scientific but groupings based on similar type descriptors in the articles of increased frequency of stress:

1 Racing Heart Tightness in Throat Shallow Breathing Vague Dissatisfaction Unable to Focus Overwhelmed Can't do this I need Relief I should get out of here I want to punch somebody
2 Raises blood pressure Disturbed digestion Crave Comfort foods Headaches Anxious Worried Can't Sleep Something Wrong with me Irritability
3 Chronic Changes in the Brain* High Blood Pressure Weight Gain Immune System Suppression Heart Attack Stroke Host of Dis-eases Depression Panic Attacks Constant Dissatisfaction Insomnia Reduced self esteem Increased Anger

* As per the video in an earlier post of mine: Increase in the Fear Centre (Amygdala strengthened), Decreased learning and memory (Hippocampus weakened)
Shrinking Prefontal Cortex.. So harder to learn. Harder to Control Stress

So it seems the research supports that stress can kill in innumerable ways, when we let it run away with us. And in the meantime it can make life miserable. It also seems the stress I was feeling was “real” in that I had these thoughts and body issues going on. But what really caused it? I look around and EVERYONE has stress – whether you stay at home or work or live in the country or live in the city – the person who reports a stress free life is rare indeed.

But here is what I think, and what I practice (most of the time!) – the stressors aren’t really OUT THERE.. they are all in the REACTION we CHOOSE to have.. so the stress actually comes from our own mind not from our boss, or the phone, or the internet, or our family, etc, etc. You can see that around you – people react differently to the same situation, to the same person.. so it isn’t “inherently” that person or thing or situation. Sure we can choose to identify with “I always get stressed out if XXX ” and keep it going or we can choose to examine that and change.

And having decided to become a person who “Remains calm when XXX happens”, well you can always increase your chances by using hypnotherapy to take that “resolution” and share it more effectively with your subconscious mind. Because while the stress is real… the cause is not what we think it is, it is under our control. We CAN transform it.

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