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Posted by on January 27, 2016

Confidence Compass

Confidence leads you to success by finding your inner strength needed to direct you to reaching your goals in life

We always seem to want more confidence.  What is confidence anyway?  Turns out, when you think about it, that it is nothing more than a belief or feeling .. either feeling certain that something is true or feeling an assurance about our-self that arises from an appreciation of our own abilities or qualities.   This makes it a PERFECT fit with hypnotherapy.  Hypnosis excels at helping you change the way you think, feel, or act by sharing your conscious beliefs and desires MORE EFFECTIVELY with your subconscious mind.  And then you just find that things just do start changing.  Check out my Testimonial page for some idea of what this is like.

So whatever you need a confidence boost for – whether it is work or personal, whether it is about public speaking or learning a new skill – come give hypnosis a try.  This is our FEBRUARY 2016 MONTHLY SPECIAL.. this mean 20% off on an initial appointment – only $80. Time included for tea and talk to make sure your experience is totally customized.  Use this link to check availability and to ensure you get the special rate when you book 

I promise you will feel better about yourself and more optimistic when you leave my office!

If you are an existing client I can give you a special rate of $70 for a follow on appointment.  Just be sure to book it in February or March and let me know it is about Confidence.

(Note: No additional Senior or Student discounts off this monthly special rate.)
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