Combat Hormone Change and Re-Rev Your Metabolism

Posted by on November 15, 2012

Apple, Pear or Box ?

Of course, one of the beauties about the Virtual Gastric Band is that you can eat anything you want.. you just want to eat less.  But I find that most people, at least once they get into it for a month or so really start thinking about what they eat.  It makes sense, when you are eating less and your motivations include health… well, you want to put the right things in your body. One goal that you might have is revving up your metabolism…

Does this sound familiar?

“Around age 40 I put on twenty pounds. I had always had a perfect metabolism. But, my metabolism betrayed me as it does most people.”  ~Suzanne Somers

As we age our metabolism rate tends to decline, much of it due to lower levels of activity, but diet, sleep, muscle mass and hormonal changes play a role as well.  A recent (Nov 5) Dr. Oz show focused on the relationship between hormones and metabolism.  It turns out that your body shape can reveal a lot about what is going on with the hormones and that, in turn, can suggest some dietary actions that will start to reverse the trend !  YEAH !!   So I thought I would summarize the whole show for you.

Part 1 – Revealing the Problem

Four hormones were focused on  – Cortisol, Estrogen and the two Thyroid hormones.  The first two seem to affect most women, and I must presume there is some overlap.   They did not state the incidence of thyroid issues that would affect metabolism negatively – but I understand it to be a much smaller percent.   The main symptom is the body type – apple pear or box.  The other symptoms may be present already or , if not, they can be considered a risk of this body type.  So use this chart to identify yourself.


Part 2 – The Solution

Once you know from your body type and other symptoms what your hormone situation might be, you can use this chart to identify the foods to eat and the foods/habits to avoid and why.  By revving your metabolism ( And Dr. Oz says the effects are close to immediate) in addition to reducing your total food intake through the Virtual Gastric Band or a custom Weight Management program you just grease the wheels for your weight loss.

 If you want to watch the show, here’s a link to the full episode.



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