The Basis for Change – Adjusting Your Core Beliefs

Posted by on November 1, 2012

have been using PSYCH-K™ in my practice and for myself for almost 6 years and I just LOVE it. Just in case you are not familiar, please click on this to get
+ A quick extract from my What is PSYCH-K™ ? post:

Now I have taken the big leap into Advance PSYCH-k and will be a doing a blog on each of the fabulous new “balances” I have learned.  The New Direction and Resolution Balances work wonderfully for new belief statements that you either come in with, we develop together or identify with the help of our higher self.

Today I want to talk about the Core Belief Balance.  What a WONDERFUL process… you don’t need to come in with a specific belief to change , instead you PREPARE for CHANGE by addressing the 13 “Core Beliefs” that often keep us from tapping our full potential in life.  For each belief there is the potential that we are sending our energy to just the positive, life-affirming belief (YEAH), to just the negative belief ( adjustment needed), to BOTH the negative and positive belief ( confusion resulting, adjustment needed) or to neither (adjustment suggested).

Unlike most of the other balances, you relax on the massage table ( fully clothed) for the entire process.  Like the other balances, muscle testing is used to determine both the current state and the state after the balance.  There may also be an activity to reaffirm the most important beliefs for you, and again muscle testing is used to determine what that activity should be and how many times it needs to be done.

This balance only needs to be done once to prepare the mind/body system for accelerated change.  So whatever journey you are on – spiritual, financial, relationships, success , etc. – this process will support and energize your path.

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