Holistic Healthy Weight Loss

Posted by on March 19, 2012

In honor of the completion of our very successful  group program call Living Healthy Victoria which combined the MindOverAll Virtual Gastric Band program with exercise and nutrition advice from natropath , Dr. Bryn Bentham, we are announcing this month our new Joint Service.

As of August 2012, this service is no longer offered, as Dr. Bentham has moved out of Victoria.

This program really gives you all you need for success, its’ just as easy as 1, 2, 3 ( and  maybe 4)

1. The 6 Month Virtual Gastric Band Program                                      2. Medical Support from Dr. Bentham

3. Combined into one Neat Package

 and 4. with an option of  Medical Detox.  ( You will understand after discussions with Dr. Bentham why you may be interested in this as apart of your weight loss program.)






  1. Mary Ann MacKay
    March 31, 2012

    I’ve been using hypnotherapy to assist my weight loss with great success. I feel it has helped me to make better choices on a daily basis.

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