Reasons to Stop Smoking

Posted by on February 19, 2011

I know, I know, you say.  There is the lung cancer, the emphysema, the heart disease, the shortness of breath.  But, there is more and it is worth reading about.  TWELVE  more non-obovious reasons, are described in this Newsweek article from 2008.    Perhaps a read will help you to increase your motivation to stop.

It is so useful to know ALL your motivations when you use hypnosis.  If you are noticing ANY of these things or have developed a fear of any of then  then the reduction of that risk or that symptom is a good motivation.  Stating the motivation postively is an important aspect of how we communicate with the subconcious mind.  So here is the quick list from the article with sample postive motivations.  It is definitely worthwhile to read the article as well.  And then call me (250-884-5031) to discuss how hypnotherapy might help you !! (More information on my three stop smoking programs here.)

Risk , from the Article Example Positive Motivation
1. Increased risk of dementia and midlife cognitive impairment. Clear Mind, Clear Thinking, Good Memory
2. Increased risk of diabetes. Increased Energy, Good Vision, Feeling Healthy
3. Increased risk of infections. More Healthy Days, More Productive, Feeling Good
4. Erectile Dysfunction. Better Sex Life
5. Wrinkles…everywhere. Looking younger longer
6. Reduced fertility and earlier menopause. More vibrant and youthful.
7. Issues with vision. Good vision, Easier to Drive at Night, Enjoy reading, movies, TV longer
8. Weakened bones and increased risk of fractures. Enjoying running, walking, hiking, golfing, tennis, etc
9. Ulcers and other digestive system issues and even kidney issues. Enjoying food, feeling healthy
10. It interfers with sleep patterns. Good nights sleep, feeling refreshed in the mornings, feeling energetic during the day
11. It shaves years—and quality— off life. Long life, Good quality of life
12. It’s tied to lots of other cancers, not just lung! Good health, Long Life

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