New Stop Smoking Feature Added

Posted by on December 15, 2010

Stopping that craving and getting on the path of a Smoke-Free Life is one of our specialties. We have two strong programs:

  • “The Standard” which includes prep for your quit date, your QUIT NOW session, a CD and a year of craving control sessions as needed.
  • “No Pressure” for those of you adverse to setting a specific date. This one also comes with a money-back guarantee, but you do need to commit to ten sessions within a specific time frame.

To this we now add a REIKI combined with HYPNOSIS option for only $100 more than THE STANDARD.  We call it the DOUBLE WHAMMY. Many have found the healing energy of Reiki to accelerate the healing and help keep the mind calm and collected through the process. Reiki will be incorporated into your initial sessions AND you will receive 3 reiki only sessions during the transition period immediately following your quit date.  Craving control sessions for 6 months are included, which may also incorporate reiki.

Please go HERE for the full text on ALL our Stop Smoking Programs including pricing. Or CALL 250-884-5031



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